Friday, July 25, 2008

Sweet Little Garden

2 6" round chocolate cakes
buttercream frosting
marshmallow fondant
raffia ribbon
starburst flowers, hearts and #4 - tacked in/down with toothpicks.
(unwrap starburts, soften in microwave for 5 sec., flatted on powdered sugar surface with bottom of glass or roll out with non stick rolling pin, cut out shapes with cookie cutters - other ideas here. Hearts were two cut outs, toothpick in the middle, glued together with small amount of water)


KB said...

wow, you are so talented.....makes my little strawberry shortcake cupcakes look pretty worthless! Wish you were closer, you would be making my cakes!


Anonymous said...

darling Holly! you are so talented! --kara (kims's sis)