Friday, September 5, 2008


tail number L4BD - Landon's 4th BirthDay....oh yeah!

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(notes: the stars and I were not friends when all was said and done...which is why it looks like I gave up on the back of the cake, I just did. The original cake design is from - if you think I'm talented, this girl is super human, I used 1/2 a sport ball pan and a square pan to make this)

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heather said...

so Holly, is there ANY way you could fly here to Spokane Washington and make my daughter's 5th birthday cake??? (it's on the 30th) you are SO talented! The Tink cake is one of my favorites...that's why I won't show Hannah that picture because she'll want me to make it! umm...noo i'll leave that to talented people such as yourself!!