Friday, October 24, 2008

New Fondant Ideas

found a new recipe for MMFondant that I am loving the taste of so much MORE!

(you may have to create a log in to see this recipe so just in case I'll post it here too)

Buttercream MMF

I really liked Rhonda's MMF, but it was still a bit too sweet for my taste. And when I heard people commenting on how they would like a buttercream flavor, I began the search for the perfect butter flavoring. My taste-testers all agreed that this one was perfect!

(Though I actually prefer to double the recipe in a large bowl and use 3 drams of flavoring - I suppose you could just use 1-1/2 drams of LoRann!).

16 oz mini-marshmallows (NOT Jet-Puffed. I use Wal Mart brand)
2 T water

**Grease a micro-safe bowl, add MMs, sprinkle with water, melt 1 minute, stir.

1 T glycerine
1 t popcorn salt (or grind regular salt in a coffee grinder - you'll get crystals if you don't)
1 dram of LoRann butter flavor candy oil

**stir and add**
2 lbs powdered sugar

Start by stirring in 1 c of PS to absorb moisture before dumping in more to help avoid clumps. Each time you add PS make you you stir it well so that it's well absorbed before adding more. When you are down to the last 1/3 of the bag of PS, dump it in the bowl and knead with your greased hands. Form a ball and wrap with plastic wrap. Let rest at least 4 hours. To re-soften, place it in the micro a few seconds at a time and knead. If it is too sticky from over-warming, knead in cornstarch a little at a time or just let it cool again.

Holly's notes:

~I only totally understood this recipe because I have been making the other MMF for some time now
~I used my coffee grinder for the salt and was really impressed - I think I might even use this on popcorn (didn't know there was such a thing as 'popcorn' salt!?)
~who is LoRann? I don't know either so I just used Wilton's clear butter flavoring
~what exactly is a dram? I don't know, I just pour a little in

it really does taste less sweet and more buttery that traditional MMF and still LOADS better tasting than regular fondant (yuck)

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