Friday, June 19, 2009

Butterfly Cake 2

the smash cake:

this frosting is from - it is AMAZING, not as hard as she warned but way more delicious than she says!!!
really, I think I just gained 10 lbs making this cake.

Creamy whipped buttercream icingServes/Yields: Fills 6qt bowl
Prep. Time: 20-30 min
Cook Time: none

This noncrusting buttercream icing has an incredibly light flavor and texture, and is definately not too sweet. The drawback is that it takes practice to make and to work with. Once you know how to work with it, it can be used to ice a cake with an incredibly smooth and satiny finish. It is also not ideal for warm weather.

4 lbs powdered sugar
2- 12 oz cans evaporated milk

3 lbs unsalted soft butter
1 lb shortening or Sweetex

2 tsp vanilla (or more, to taste)
1/2 tsp almond flavoring (or more, to taste)

In 6 qt mixing bowl, slowly beat powdered sugar and 1 1/2 cans of evaporated milk until smooth.

Add soft butter. Blend well.

Add shortening. Blend well.

Add flavorings and continue beating. Slowly add the last half can of milk to the icing and allow icing to blend well. (This is a good time to do any cake prep you have to get done.) If the icing covers the top of the paddle then the icing will eventually blend smooth and creamy with no air bubbles. Beating time can take 20 minutes or more.

Icing will be soft but with practice can make a beautiful finish. Ices smooth with a spackle tool and does not crust so is easy to re-ice if necessary. Refrigerates firm but does not have to be refrigerated. (I prefer to refrigerate icing once I am done with it but the cake can be left out a couple days with no harm.)

I have been asked for this recipe several times; however, the icing takes patience to make and patience to work with. You will be rewarded with an incredibly light, buttery icing that is perfect for those who don't want a sweet icing. Pipes very nice borders and basketweave sides, and can even make roses on a cool day with practice.

Nutrition Information
As healthy as any other buttercream icing!

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McBritney said...

You're cakes look fabulous!!! I'm a friend of Beccy's. I was wondering how much you may charge? My son's first birthday is October 4th.